We work with you for a truly bespoke approach. We flexibly combine our core services to create the best outcome for you.
  • Working Capital

    Accelerate Your Growth Access to capital is an issue that most people will face at some point during the lifecycle of their business. An injection of external capital will provide the platform to accelerate future growth and help to build value in your business when it can no longer rely upon its internal resources to...

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  • Acquisitions

    Build Value within Your Business A successful acquisition is a proven method of building value within a business. As a business leader or entrepreneur, acquisitions can provide access to new customers and markets, remove a competitive threat, integrate supply chain or benefit synergy. The acquisition target could be a business, brand or product. Brabners Corporate...

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  • MBO / MBI

    Management Buy Outs A Management Buy Out (MBO) can provide management teams with the opportunity to acquire a significant capital sum through the acquisition and ultimate disposal of their own business. The potential reward does not come without a significant element of risk, whether that is the commercial risk of management succession, separation from a...

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  • Strategy

    What’s next for Your Business? We often speak to business owners, entrepreneurs and management teams who are unsure of the next step to take. We have worked with clients looking to sell their business and have subsequently worked with them to source development or acquisition capital. Similarly we have helped clients to raise funding whilst...

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  • Disposals

    Realise Your Full Value The value that has been created by an entrepreneur, management team, family or corporate shareholder is normally only fully realised through a successful disposal or sale of a business. There are many reasons why you may want to sell: retirement, a change of strategic direction or to stem the problems caused...

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